How To Get Ideas for Writing

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When you are looking for ways to generate ideas for your stories, take a look at your life. The places you visit, people that you meet, and the things that you do. Your daily life provides a multitude of great ideas. If you tune into all of the things that you experience throughout your day, you will be surprised at how fertile your story ideas will become.
Never underestimate the power of a song. Music can be a great way to get your creative juices revved up. The lyrics from some of your favorite songs can be a great inspiration for poems, short stories, or novels. Even if you donít like the song, you can still generate ideas if you are willing to suffer through the lyrics.
Okay, so your dreams donít make sense most of the time, but you should write them down anyway. If you revisit them in your notebook periodically, you may be able to come up with a few brilliant ideas for your stories. Donít worry, youíll eventually find something to do with that dream you had of riding on a cardboard box while you were butt naked.
Not only do you expand your mind when you read literature, but the ideas that you can generate are endless. Every magazine, short story, novel, brochure, and textbook can provide an array of opportunities to generate ideas for your writing.
Pay close attention every time you engage in a conversation with your fellow man. In doing this, you may have one of those ìlight bulb momentsî that people often speak of. Even if you are not actively involved in a conversation, you can . . . well, eavesdrop on a few sentences.
Too much television may be bad for people, but not for writers. Watching television can set off sparks in your head, and get your imagination fired up. Westerns, comedies, classics, and movies about other countries and cultures are great ways for writers come up with amazing story ideas.
If you are willing to open your mind, and look at your everyday life with new eyes, the possibilities for generating an abundance of ideas for your writing are endless.

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