Creative Writing Tip : Change Your Mindset

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Writing about reflecting on something from within, within each of us. It can be a simple way of saying a word. It can be the novel that seems to never end. Or the short story that ends just the way you wanted it to-short, to the point, and a portrait of what you think life is. Life reflects on your writing, no matter the doubts you may have. The trick is, do it your way. Having fun and writing do not always work together. Sometimes writing is hard work; other times you can’t stop. What matters here is developing the right mindset, finding your own way to say something while everyone else is watching. That is the real trick to doing it your way.

Test a theory: go up to a random man and start drawing him on a sketch pad. He might blush or start laughing. He might punch you in the face. Those are the two extremes. He might just walk away, robbing you of a masterpiece. When you give it your all, you are going to extremes. Robert Mckee wrote of this in his screenwriting primer “Story.” But we aren’t here to learn about just that-in a way itís more about opening up to the world in your own way, playing in the middle if you will. Doing it your way means finding no formula, and creating your own instead.

Consider the journal: You write exactly what you want to write. There is a glaring ache within you to say this, just this, and nothing else. The mindset is you have to make money on it or it’s a failure. What it is to myself as a writer is something more akin to finding your own expression. The clichÈ, find your voice, is really the way to do it. Journaling allows you to race to the finish, finding pieces of you all over the page; it’s built for it.

Looking at the ìdo it your wayî philosophy, remember that in most of the world you cannot do it your way. Actually, in some countries you cannot say whatever you want, even on the page. So look at writing as your freedom to say it your way.

So you wrote the novel, the short story, the flash fiction piece, and youíre wondering what to do next. I recommend seeing others who did it their way, because itís a reminder of what can be done in this world. Recall the man who punched you, ran away, or just plain blushed? What he did was react to you. It’s time for you to react to the writing. Thatís what makes you as a writer-how you see each piece, terrible or flawed as it is, and moving onto the next piece with the hope of taking one more step.

What defines the writer is his way of seeing the world. Making yourself stand out is hard. But writers are more apt to stand out than anyone else, especially if they break all the rules, knowing what they are doing, and have a blast doing it. Creative writing works as a means of saying something about you, just you, first, and then it says something about someone else.

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