How to Write a Hate Letter

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How to write a hate letter is something that doesn’t come easily. Firstly, because they tend to be emotional and secondly, because expressing what you feel in words is always difficult. These tips will hopefully help.

  1. Never write while you’re angry. Feel free to replace the word ‘angry’ with any other strong emotion (sad, hellbent, crying). Writing while you’re angry or overly emotion is dangerous. So, take a break and breathe deep before the pen ever touches the pad.
  2. Words are your weapon, use them wisely. Words have the ability to heal wounds as well as create lifelong scars. When you write a hate letter you want to convey your hatred in every word. You must realize that some words cause paper cuts while others are machetes.
  3. Always stay in control. The wisest of warriors will tell you that control is how they win battles, and staying in control of what you’re writing is not only a way to make sure you get all your points across, but it also guarantees that your words won’t be used against you at a later time. Think about your words, and then listen to them from the perspective of the reader. Feel their emotion and make sure it is exactly what you wanted your words to convey.
  4. Never write what you don’t mean. Writing a hate letter is akin to writing a love letter. That’s why if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. You and only you are accountable for your actions whether they be on paper, a computer screen, or a bathroom wall. So never write what you don’t mean, as it will almost always be used against you at a later time, and it’s hard to defend what you never truly believed to begin with.
  5. Perform expectation management before you sendExpect that your reader isn’t the only one that’s going to see it. Expect to ruffle some feathers. Expect that you’re going to get a response from the reader. Expect the hate to be returned in some way, shape or form.

Writing a hate letter will always make you feel better once it’s done. However, before sending it, make sure that the gladness you feel isn’t resolved completely by just getting the words down on paper.


Hate letters are used to cause others the pain we’re feeling. However, sometimes there’s healing in just putting the words down on paper. So, get the words out and feel free to burn the letter once it’s done. See the hate go up in flames, and feel a million times better in the process. It can always be your little secret :-).


  • I love this article. The title alone and the first paragraph made me wonder if it was tongue in cheek, but it actually was AWESOME advice and it took care of some of my anger today just by reading it. Thanks for a helpful article that everyone in America should read.

  • irus says:

    i wrote a hate letter to my ex boyfriend and his family..telling them how heartless they where..that i would definitelty want to see him suffer..i told him that i would really come and haunt him, but i never mention how i would do that..i just want to threaten him..would that get me to deal with the law?is it a crime?..

  • admin says:


    We’re not lawyers, nor do we pretend to be, however, our senses tell us that depending on the contents of the letter they could make a case of harassment against you. A threat is just that – an act meant to make someone live in fear. I’d just leave it (and him) alone and hope they feel that your threat is idle.

    Life’s to short to give one person this kind of control over your emotions. Let it go, so many better guys out there.

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