How to Write a Dirty Letter

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How to write a dirty letter also known as getting kinky on paper is a great way to spice up any relationship. But before you begin to flush out your deepest, darkest desires, you need to make sure that the recipient is mature enough to receive your inner thoughts. Let’s not forget how much trust Lohan and Hilton put into their partners before the launch of those infamous tapes. So how do you start to write a dirty letter? By being honest of course. A great way to wet your partner’s whistle is to by actively engaging their imagination. Let’s do this first by setting up the “where’s” of your fantasy. Take the following approach to helping your reader imagine exactly where your dirty event takes place. “This morning while showering I was thinking about …””Every night as I lay in bed, I imagine that you and I are…””Do you remember when we were at X, what you don’t know is that as Y talked, I could see you and I slipping away secretly to…”Build the foundation that will take you into the actual details of your thoughts and feelings. Next, use the exact words you would use if you were having a conversation with the reader. Always make sure you’re expressing yourself in a way that is natural and using words that you would never verbalize makes this difficult. For example, if you never would say words that are derogatory, then use softer phrases in your writings as well. Words like “caress”, “touch”, “hold”, and “kiss” can have quite an impact if used properly.”Caress your skin””Touch you in those secret places””Hold your body next to mine””Kiss you in a way that shows my love”Let your words flow and use your imagination (not the imagination you’ve only seen on t.v.). Use props if necessary to help your reader visualize exactly what you would wish to take place if the situation presented itself.  The most important advice we will give, once you are ready for delivery is to ensure that you keep a high level of respect for yourself so that you are not embarrassed by your fantasies and deepest desires once your inner flames have cooled down. 

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