How to Write a Dirty Letter

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How to write a dirty letter also known as getting kinky on paper is a great way to spice up any relationship. But before you begin to flush out your deepest, darkest desires, you need to make sure that the recipient is mature enough to receive your inner thoughts. Let’s not forget how much trust Lohan and Hilton put into their partners before the launch of those infamous tapes. So how do you start to write a dirty letter? By … continue.....

Five Reasons To Journal Write

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Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg positioned themselves in the books “Artist’s Way” and “Writing Down the Bones” as journaling masters. I relate to these works in many ways. As someone bored by life on countless occasions, I see Julia Cameron’s words as a means of battling it. As someone who struggles to get writing on some days, I see the many reasons to journal and none not to. There are reasons to journal, mainly for the hope of seeing something … continue.....


How to Write a Hate Letter

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How to write a hate letter is something that doesn’t come easily. Firstly, because they tend to be emotional and secondly, because expressing what you feel in words is always difficult. These tips will hopefully help.

  1. Never write while you’re angry. Feel free to replace the word ‘angry’ with any other strong emotion (sad, hellbent, crying). Writing while you’re angry or overly emotion is dangerous. So, take a break and breathe deep before the pen ever touches the pad.
  2. Words

Creative Writing Tip : Change Your Mindset

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Writing about reflecting on something from within, within each of us. It can be a simple way of saying a word. It can be the novel that seems to never end. Or the short story that ends just the way you wanted it to-short, to the point, and a portrait of what you think life is. Life reflects on your writing, no matter the doubts you may have. The trick is, do it your way. Having fun and writing do … continue.....

The Importance of Your Writer Portfolio

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Many writers know they want to freelance from the beginning of their careers. But, freelancing web content is an art all its own that writers often stumble into. When choosing a career as a freelance web writer, it is important to understand how to brand yourself and your talent.
The first thing you will need is an online portfolio. You can choose to use one of many avenues for publication when building a portfolio geared for web writing. One of … continue.....

How to Write Web Content

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Writing for the web is unlike any other professional writing. Web surfers want all of the important information about a topic in the least amount of words possible. Online or web content needs to be written in a specific style in order to fit into the web content mold. This mold is all about short attention spans and high keyword density.
Web content is best structured as short, but informative paragraphs. The first paragraph needs to explain the topic at … continue.....

Lessons Learned from Michelle Devon – Writer Extraordinaire

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Michelle Devon has gambled successfully as a writer, doing so through pains taken only for the love of writing. Michelle states that writing isnít only a job, but a way of life. One of her biggest lessons shared with writers who come across her work is that it is a job like any other in that there will be rejections. Edits, restlessness in the creative process, and worry about where your next paycheck is coming from. 
Writers are people like … continue.....

Finding Your Niche as a Freelance Writer

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Choosing a career as a freelance web writer requires time, patience and a lot of words. Building your online portfolio requires a lot of time spent writing. It is important to understand the art and nature of freelance writing for the web before publishing your work.
Freelance web writing is all about the niche. When applying for a job or bidding on a contract, the writer will need to have an online portfolio to use as samples of the freelance … continue.....

How To Teach Writing

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Do you want to teach writing but lack the credentials which schools and colleges require? If you have ample writing experience and you’re willing to work with students of varying ages and skill levels, you can teach writing in many settings, even if you don’t have a degree in education or writing. Here’s how you can get started:

1) Teach writing:  Offer a free writing workshop in your community.
If you’re truly motivated to teach writing, you’ll do it … continue.....

Pseudonyms Basics (How to Choose a Pen Name)

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When you are a new writer, choosing the perfect pseudonym can be a little intimidating. You want to make an impact, but you don’t want to be too over the top. 
When someone is making reference to your work, you don’t want them to ask, “What’s that writers name?” Your pseudonym should always be easy for your readers to pronounce, and remember. 
Your pseudonym should be appropriate for the materials that you write. Nobody wants to buy a hot, steamy, … continue.....

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